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Luxol HC

Luxol HC
Luxol Sports Club
Triq Dun Guzepp Farrugia
PBK 1740



Mob: 77030748 Tel: 21413540
Email: info@luxolhandball.com
Website1: www.luxolhandball.org
Website2: www.luxolsportsclub.com

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Set up in 2008 Luxol Handball Club became one of the biggest handball clubs in Malta.  Luxol Handball Club offers the opportunity for individuals of all ages, regardless of their beliefs, nationality and gender to participate in the game of handball. It works to enable its members to reach their maximum potential. Luxol Handball Club vows to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and motivated to reach greater fulfilment in their walk of life.

The club has dedicated and enthusiastic players, who work hard to improve the image of our club. These players are led by what we believe are the right coaches for them, coaches who are dedicated and ready to inspire their players in always giving their best. No matter what age one might have, one is always welcome to try handball at Luxol. It is always important that one keeps in mind that at Luxol we always strive hard to develop the person before the athlete.

Luxol are also open to those who would like to help at managing and administering these athletes and for those who have the will to be part of the positive change in our young athletes’ lives.

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