Mediterranean Beach Games, Pescara 2015

Maltese team makes it to the top six in Pescara

The beach handball national team at the 2015 Mediterranean Beach Games, held in Pescara, finished in sixth position in the final rankings after going down to Italy in a classification play-off.

The Italians beat Malta two sets to nil but the defeat came a day after Ian Psaila’s men had the better of Albania and Algeria in the qualifying phase of the 10-team tournament.

Malta also impressed in the tie against Slovenia. Both teams won a set each but in the end the Slovenians prevailed in the last-eight decider.

Psaila, who was assisted by Milos Stanisavljevic, said he was very satisfied with the national team’s debut showing.

“This is the very first time we participated in an international tournament,” he said.

“We played strongly and consistently, we are very satisfied with our overall performance and position.

“Beating Albania and Algeria in the group stage surprised most of our opponents and making it to the quarter-finals meant facing the strongest teams in the tournament. They were more experienced and it showed in decisive stages of some of the matches.

“Still, our players’ effort and performance here is one to be proud of.”

James Rausi was the national team’s top scorer in Pescara after netting 44 goal


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