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Aloysians HC Promotion Event in Mosta Day



Aloysians Handball Club participated in Mosta Day, on Sunday 16th September 2012, in order to promote handball amongst the locals. Mosta Day focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle through sport and other activities. Aloysians’ players and committee members supported this great initiative through which they could promote our sport and show what handball is all about.


The circuit was divided into 3 parts: the first session focused on target shooting and handball fun games such as tag games. The second session consisted of playing Tchouk Ball and finally the third session focused mainly on playing Street Handball.


Thanks to Brenda Camilleri, Aloysians had a promotional poster of the event and also a Handball brochure to promote the Club and obviously the game of Handball. The club’s young players went around Mosta square handing out brochures to entice people to participate. This helped in attracting people to the handball area. Seeing young children and adolescents having fun playing handball with the players, was a total boost.


The Mosta Mayor was enthusiastic with the club’s involvement to the extent that she asked for the activities to be moved near the main stage where more exposure was available. There, handball was played at the rythme of Zumba !.


This promotional event was a success and Aloysians HC intend to keep on participating in these kind of promotional activities in the future.


The Aloysians Handball Club would like to thank the Mosta Mayor, Dr Shirley Farrugia for the opportunity, the MHA for their assistance and for lending us all the equipment needed, Mr Louis Borg, MHA President, for coming on the day to support the club us and all those involved.



Stephanie Camilleri

Aloysians’ Activity Organiser

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